Nearly everybody knows the claim “You’re not you, when you’re hungry” from Snickers. It’s a brilliant and intelligent claim which has a really deep consumer insight behind it. I guess everybody knows a person, who is a bit aggressive or just another person when he or she is hungry. That insight combined with a product is a very smart way to get a claim everybody will know.

In a time where technology is everywhere it’s more difficult to get a consumer insight into the real world. But Snickers started, in cooperation with the grocery store “SevenEleven”, a very nice campaign in Australia in Summer 2016. They started to produce an algorithm, which measures the mood in the internet. They called it the “Hungerithm“. If the anger in the internet goes up the pices of a Snickers fell down.

For detailed information about the campaign, click here:  How the Hungerithm is working and the success of the campaign

But why is this campaign so important that I want to talk about it?

  • They created a new meaning to an old claim without loosing their insight.
  • They used the data in an absolutely new and unusual way to get the claim into the real world.
  • They created an algorithm, which can measure the mood in the internet and even understand sarcasm and slang.
  • They gave people an uncommon experience with their brand and everybody talked about it.
  • And it’s an absolute unique idea.

But the best thing about it is that they plan to go worldwide with the campaign in 2017. So I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we can buy cheaper snickers in a few months!






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