For the 66th Emmy Awards in 2014 Audi celebrated their sponsorship of the event with an advertisement partnering with Breaking Bad. Then in 2015, the next partnership was with Kermit and Miss Piggy, which featured them going for a ‘power lunch’ before the Emmy Awards. In 2016, Audi was still sponsoring the award and of course in September 2016 another partnership lead to another great advertisement. This time the Audi A8 got promoted in partnership with Airbnb.

The advertisement is about a family who lives in a house in the middle of nowhere in the Death Valley, Nevada. In the commercial, they didn’t have any coffee at home for breakfast so the dad drove his Audi A8 to this small outdated shop. But it’s hard to explain a great advertisement like this. Click here for watching it.

What makes this advertisement so great?

First of all, the feelings you get and the images you see when you watch the advertisement makes it so great. They managed to bring together the brand communication from Audi and Airbnb. With Airbnb you can explore the world and get great new experiences. With Audi you can feel the power of technology and can really enjoy a ride in the A8.

Also, the location for the advertisement is perfectly chosen, because it’s one of the few spots in the world where you can really drive a car like this. In Death Valley, there are no speed limits and nobody cares about the way you drive. You can just be yourself and drive the way you want too. You can just be young, wild and free and certainly everybody wants do that sometimes.

How do you create customer a experience?

It’s necessary for brands to create a customer experience. It’s very important to promote customer loyalty. The customers are identifying with the brand and so a company is more than just a company. Customer loyalty is something everybody has experience with, it’s a good feeling about a certain product and it’s always in the relevant set when you want to buy something. The brand, in this case Audi and Airbnb, are the first thing you would think about if you want to buy a car or search for an accommodation to travel somewhere..

The best customer experience you can provide is if you can get your advertisement or the story you want to tell into a real-world experience. Audi and Airbnb managed this very well. The house you saw in the commercial is available to rent 2 days! The renting included a luxury shuttle service from the airport, a personal chef and a drive in the new Audi A8 with a professional driver.

The booking was so popular that they limited the daily content for booking. Also, they had lot of media exposure. In a nutshell, you can say it was a total win-win situation.

Below you find some pictures of the accommodation. Maybe we didn’t get to rent this house but we can try to create our own experience and adventure trip.


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