Last Sunday was the Super Bowl. For most it’s an exciting moment to watch their team with friends, but for the advertiser it’s one of the most important times of the year. This year’s game was the most seen one in history, it had 114 million viewers. That means 114 million people were watching the advertisements as well. Now a day, the advertiser spends a lot of money for their 30 second advertisement slot in the Super Bowl. This year one slot costs 5 million dollars. Compared to 1967, the same 30 second costs 40,000 dollars. This shows the rising importance of the Super Bowl advertisements through the last decades.

Every year the viewers wait with bated breath for the half time show and for the famous Super Bowl advertisements. This year Coca Cola’s advertisement is in discussion because the replayed their 2014 Super Bowl commercial, “It’s Beautiful”. It shows the beautiful differences of America. It plays the song “America the beautiful” in the background, which is sung in English, Spanish, Keres, Tagalog, Hindi, Senegalese, French and Hebrew.

It created reactions on the internet and they reflect the actual mood in the country. Since Trump became President the nation seems to be divided by disagreements. On one side you have the Trump supporters, who also support the entry ban. On the other side there’re the opponents of the entry ban and also of Trump. In the passed week, many people have been talking about this online through social media and also in real life

Coca Cola’s using the advertisement from 2014, seems like a statement to the topic of the entry ban.

Using hashtags on twitter and other social media forums, viewers are responding to the advertisement in different ways:

Some of the viewers are saying they’ll boycott Coca Cola:: boycottboycott3

Some refer to the other ads which has nearly the same tonality:refert

Some of them celebrating the ad and its meaning:happywar

So we can say that Coca Cola wanted to represent the beautiful diversity of America and they did it well. It’s an “old” advertisement which was published at a time where everybody was watching and it fits perfectly in their claim of history. Since the beginning Coca Cola is trying to sell the feeling of happiness (“Open Happiness“(2009-2015)) and enjoying life (“Life tastes good“(2001)) no matter “Whoever you are, Whatever you do, think of good ice cold Coca-Cola” (1939).

In a nutshell: America is beautiful and Coke is for everyone.





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