Some days ago was one of the big commercial days, called “Valentine’s day”. Every brand is trying to find a reason why it’s so important to buy their products in order  to make a sweet gesture for their beloved ones.

In times where days rush by, it can be a nice idea just to have an evening as a couple, to calm down and to enjoy the missing quality time. Galaxy, a British chocolate brand had the same though and published a commercial perfectly timed before Valentine´s day.

It´s about Amor who´s trying to help a woman to fall in love. She´s rushing through the days trying to get to her appointments in time. Amor is trying to catch her with his arrow. He keeps missing her until the time she just relaxed for one moment by eating the chocolate of Galaxy. Click here to watch.

Why I think this is an ad you should not miss

The ad is really up to date. Who knows how many chanced we have already missed in our lives to meet our better half. In times with Smartphones, being connected and online all day, we have forgot how to calm down and enjoy the little things in life, like in this example a piece of chocolate. We can see this ad as a little advice for us to pause for a moment and just live.


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