Now a day we have a better opportunity to travel around the world, explore other countries and learn about other cultures. However, most of the time we’re working and going about our daily lives. We’re waiting months for our next holidays to get the chance to see another country and meeting new people.

Lufthansa invented the digital travel kiosk in Düsseldorf, Germany. It’s a live stream which connects you to four different kiosks around the world. You can talk to the people from the kiosks and at the end receive a nice souvenir such as a candy bar or toy. Check it out yourself.

Why is this such a good idea?

First, it gives people the opportunity to have real contact with another part of the world which they maybe never been to. As a user, you can easily talk to another person from another country in real time and also receive souvenir which you will remember for a long time. It gives you the feeling like you were actually there.

Secondly, it fits perfectly to the claim of Lufthansa “nonstop you”. Because of Lufthansa you have the opportunity to travel the world and meet new people. Lufthansa is making it easier for you because they bringing the possibility directly to you.

Lastly, Lufthansa is creating a wonderful customer experience. Who would expect in a normal shopping day in the streets to talk to friendly people around the world? It’s a nice idea which may change your next holiday trip to one of these countries by talking to someone at the kiosks. They are giving you this opportunity of meeting people from a different country and if you choose to fly with them on your next holiday then their advertisements are successful;)


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