For anyone who didn’t know, the 24th of March 2017 could be a bad day for you. The reason behind that is, on this day James Blunt will release his new album. There’re a lot of people who like his music, but let’s be honest there are much more people who are complaining about his music, especially in social media.

James Blunt found a way to handle this situation. He is releasing his new album with a video called “Anonymous”. This is basically a support group for James Blunt fans. To enter the group click here.

Why do I think you should see this promo?

Whether you are trying to become famous or already are, you will always need to deal with negative comments and views of your work. It’s one thing just to ignore it but to handle the situation is incredible. Your fans will love you more and your haters can’t complain because you already made fun of yourself. Follow him on Twitter if you want to know more.

Besides that it’s also a lesson for us just live our lives as we please and be able to make fun ourselves.

But enough talking here are some examples:

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