What is most important thing for a sports team while training? It is of cause discipline and steady training. However, for the English coach of the cricket team it’s more than that. You also must feel and know the culture behind the sport. Indian culture is not only cricket it’s also about the food and way of living. This leads to an uncommon way to coach his cricket team. They must live, eat and fly like Indians. To everyone’s surprise they fly with the German airline Lufthansa. But have a look yourself at the video below.

What is so special about this video?

It is Lufthansa’s second campaign to promote their 50 years of flying to India. (Click here to see the first campaign)

It’s a humorous and modern campaign exclusive for the Indian market. It combines the modern and traditional way of thinking which you have represented in this country. It is also a charming way to promote the premium segment of Lufthansa. You’re not expecting Lufthansa as an expert for Indian tradition. But this insight combined with the importance of steady training leads to a humor advertising which can make us smile and maybe get ourselves motivated for a trip to India.


Nice to know

The training scene was filmed in the Edgbaston stadium in Birmingham, Great Britain and the airport scene was filmed in Frankfurt Germany, one of the most important travelling cross of Lufthansa.



Source: https://www.moreindianthanyouthink.com/ ; http://www.horizont.net/agenturen/nachrichten/Lufthansa-Indien-156898 ; http://www.horizont.net/agenturen/nachrichten/Spot-Premiere-Kolle-Rebbe-zeigt-in-Indien-wie-schoen-ein-Flug-mit-Lufthansa-sein-kann-121748


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