Lufthansa – travel kiosk

Now a day we have a better opportunity to travel around the world, explore other countries and learn about other cultures. However, most of the time we're working and going about our daily lives. We're waiting months for our next holidays to get the chance to see another country and meeting new people. Lufthansa invented … Continue reading Lufthansa – travel kiosk


Coca Cola – It’s beautiful

Last Sunday was the Super Bowl. For most it's an exciting moment to watch their team with friends, but for the advertiser it's one of the most important times of the year. This year’s game was the most seen one in history, it had 114 million viewers. That means 114 million people were watching the … Continue reading Coca Cola – It’s beautiful

Audi A8 and Airbnb – Desolation

For the 66th Emmy Awards in 2014 Audi celebrated their sponsorship of the event with an advertisement partnering with Breaking Bad. Then in 2015, the next partnership was with Kermit and Miss Piggy, which featured them going for a 'power lunch' before the Emmy Awards. In 2016, Audi was still sponsoring the award and of … Continue reading Audi A8 and Airbnb – Desolation