Lufthansa – More Indian than you think

What is most important thing for a sports team while training? It is of cause discipline and steady training. However, for the English coach of the cricket team it's more than that. You also must feel and know the culture behind the sport. Indian culture is not only cricket it's also about the food and … Continue reading Lufthansa – More Indian than you think


James Blunt – Anonymous

For anyone who didn't know, the 24th of March 2017 could be a bad day for you. The reason behind that is, on this day James Blunt will release his new album. There're a lot of people who like his music, but let's be honest there are much more people who are complaining about his … Continue reading James Blunt – Anonymous

Lufthansa – travel kiosk

Now a day we have a better opportunity to travel around the world, explore other countries and learn about other cultures. However, most of the time we're working and going about our daily lives. We're waiting months for our next holidays to get the chance to see another country and meeting new people. Lufthansa invented … Continue reading Lufthansa – travel kiosk

Galaxy – Rush less, feel more

Some days ago was one of the big commercial days, called "Valentine's day". Every brand is trying to find a reason why it's so important to buy their products in order  to make a sweet gesture for their beloved ones. In times where days rush by, it can be a nice idea just to have … Continue reading Galaxy – Rush less, feel more